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This is a proposal of sorts for an educational program feature of an AI generated example "mayor opponent candidate" for use by adolescent students involved in civics studies. It's probable that a student would look at local politics at some point since the issues could be familiar and they might feel comfortable (a.k.a. safe) getting personally involved by attending meetings or interacting on social media.

It is the social media platform where I personally encountered an inappropriate personal profile of a man, Mark P. Bromley, vying for city mayor. He was commenting on the official City of Northglenn Facebook and he has a city logo incorporated with his profile picture. It could almost be considered as a public official impersonation. At any rate, if a person clicked on his name when he comments on the city posts and looked at his photos there is a graphic drawing one of a woman on an operating table with her legs spread to the demon doctor, depicting an abortion. It is inappropriate for an unsuspecting adolescent. What is also atrocious is that there are a couple images that are city gov't related and he uses the proper name "Karen" in the deogratory sense that it is used on social media ... I was going to include the colloquial definition but I don't like associating the name here with anything that could be hurtful to somebody with the name.

Some would insist I am petty, especially with the current state of affairs (& so on), but I would simply retort that if it is petty then why not just use an appropriate inappropriate word instead? The point is that there could be adolescents with the name and girls of the age have enough in the world to cause complexes as it is. An adolescent could pick up on the use of the name and decide to incorporate it into their jargon and again, any young girl with the name could feel outcasted.

I realize that the vast majority of people will be laughing since they cannot conceive why there would be any problem since they, nor most people they know, are not named Karen so only a tiny fraction of humans would possibly be affected and they should know that it's easier and more expedient to just not give a ff. It's cool & tough & patriotic & all that to not give a ff.

Something like what I am describing for the AI model may already exist, albeit maybe in experimental stage. Simulation city planning type games may provide a template or ideas on variables that could be included in a program. People may not know that with experimentation using neural networks the researchers have "fed" the systems philosophical works, i.e., David Hume. (I read (somewhere) that the systems would "understand" (human) sentiment (which is from Hume's explanation, description from his "A Treatise of Human Nature"), and they could begin to get coherent fictional anecdotes but the systems would inevitably trail off into nonsensical "endings". Simple sociology would explain that the system lacks desire, impetus, or motivation that it could use as a comparable example (i.e., lost love,grief catharsis,infatuation) for basis of reasoning for the event's importance. What spurs human ambition? Is a question that could be posed with the results. The exact article I read might've been on (which requires an account), but I need to find it again.

A lawyer developed an AI program that meant to assist a person with legal advice for civil & maybe low level traffic cases, but was threatened by the Bar Prosecutors, Man planned on using AI-powered lawyer in court; then he started getting threats. I thought it'd be a good idea to assist disadvantaged people on gov't assistance work out leasing housing with realtor companies. (Or force the property managers to utilize an AI system to verify their work is correct so as not to cause unnecessary issues for the person receiving gov't assistance for a portion of their rent. Some property management companies will pick & choose who they will ensure gets treated with respect by keeping accurate accounting of the sources of payment they receive. I understand most conservative types would hate that idea since the recepient of the assistance might be able to continue living and enjoy their life. (God forbid!)

I am also aware that the people to whom I'm addressing this message would much rather have Mark P. Bromley as an opponent, instead of an AI generated example, because he provides a good exemplar of a middle aged ignorant, bigoted white man. It could be asserted that his archetype is more common than people think and the only feasible alternative is a macho kind of gun-nut type and the children will understand that they are expected to be violent when they're given the correct signal. Y'all's posit is to have groups of armed vigilantes wandering the streets of the city, ready to engage with unbridled violence at the slightest provocation, and have video cameras at the ready so as not to miss any reaction from an innocent old man that could be used to stigmatize him to justify the city's sactioning the brutality.

Just to be clear, the only thing that I expect to happen is to get harassed by the firefighter & his off-leash dog again, threatened to be beat up by adolescents with skateboards since I didn't want to befriend a dog, and so on & so on. Stupid white privilege shit.

I am including here a series of screencaptures from Mark P. Bromley's Facebook profile. He clearly exhibits misogynistic tendencies with his callousness of incorporating the first image here in his public profile. It is his platform that he is presenting, mind you. He has control of the content. He mentions a book he published, and is available for ten bucks, but he shows a screencapture (posted Oct 3, 2022) of a book review entry for it showing four stars and two hundred reviews. That has been refuted in this message board thread about his book. One person that bought and read/sampled the book stated (along the lines) that it could be used to torture terrorists. It even had spelling mistakes which is correctable given the format it is published in. I'm not about to pay to see if he fixed the errors. This all may seem like mere ad hominem and petty, but people that are interested in forensic psychology could see there's a problem with him. The fact that he stands by the fraud is the issue I have.

I also included the two images where he uses the proper name, Karen, in deogratory way. It's nonsensical and crude, a degrading euphemism at innocent people's expense. Then there's me scolding people on social media for doing that; I have a cousin & close friends with the name. I wouldn't dream of being so disrespectful. He may be a veteran, but I am too, and I have a right to expect more dignity from another veteran.

The plain text of the post.


Apparently the woke publishers of the company slave store of Usa ran by the hateful democrats got upset with my spin opposing their hate message of abortion by their satanic temples of planned parenthood. This picture is in my new video on youtube for the Yoranthium book series and is going to be in my picture book. The Creation Myth of the Sea Elves of Yoranthium. It's a depiction of the demons emerging from the hellfires of the deep dark abyss to devour the souls of the weak, vulnerable, disadvantaged, and the unsuspecting children of the slaves. You might see the symbology in the picture of an upside down cross and a demonic satanic cross. FYI. To educate the Democrats visiting my page. This picture is Abortion being done at Planned Parenthood. This picture is exactly what you find there with the bed and stirrup and the three or more Abortion performer demons murdering your human child that was formed Human by DNA at Conception. The Human Soul is created in the DNA for the DNA is everything you or your child could ever become. This is not a Rape scene this is how Abortions are done. If you Democrats call this rape then why the hell are you aborting babies at planned parenthood? Did you not know that planned parenthood is a satanic alter of human sacrifice in our modern times?

It was very intentional and just another sample of how Yoranthium my book series is a reflection of the barbaric sign of our modern times. The children of Cain have continued to allow evil and corruption to rule our nation and my book Yoranthium is in opposition to the woke and broken dystopian nightmare of the oppression by the democrats.

Please join Yoranthium, by buying my work on line, or supporting my page at Patreon and subscribing to my youtube channels.

-------- reply comment ------

Mark Bromley

Joel Svensson this picture is of the satanic process of Abortion and the evil it represents. Your hateful attack is abuse Joel and represents you being likely the third of the population that beats and physically assault pregnant woman forcing them to murder their child. After all who would want a baby with an abuser like you Joel? Most males who assault pregnant woman are registered violent democrat voters. It's no wonder most democrats want to murder their own voters and lose future elections.

The plain text of the post.


City of Northglenn/council/manager wrote "Some businesses/employees may be inadvertently perpetuating a Negative image of Northglenn."

This is another example of poor city management and a hostile Karen Meme Trope city council. I'm certain the businesses are good people and the employees are the best there can be. There is no reason for this hate. In addition the executive sessions are harmful to our community as it creates a Toxic image of the council who uses these closed sessions to harm and belittle people in our community. This Karen Meme Trope council needs to come to an end. Vote Mark Bromley for a better Northglenn

The plain text of the post.


Update: I was wondering about the pictures the city showed. They had Papa Murphy's in one and the are no longer at Washington Point shopping area. I suspected the pictures to be old and before the rehab of the area in past 4 years and I was right. The Karen Meme Tropes Lied at this weeks meeting but it still upsets me they attacked the businesses and their innocent employees with the following.

City of Northglenn/council/manager wrote "Some businesses/employees may be inadvertently perpetuating a Negative image of Northglenn."

This is another example of poor city management and a hostile Karen Meme Trope city council. I'm certain the businesses are good people and the employees are the best there can be. There is no reason for this hate. In addition the executive sessions are harmful to our community as it creates a Toxic image of the council who uses these closed sessions to harm and belittle people in our community. This Karen Meme Trope council needs to come to an end. Vote Mark Bromley for a better Northglenn

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Jan 7, 2014

Mark Bromley

All those people assembled just for me.

Mark Bromley

Old picture by now I would be a Mavrick LT.commander or at least a Master Chief. 1 rank per year pretty darn good.

Mark Bromley's artwork, expressing his "Christian values"(?)

The plain text of the post.

I also have another picture more graceful to show in my new Yoranthium Picture book nearly completed and available on Kickstarter under Yoranthium. This one is of the Sea Elves and their belief in the Unborn God, or Just God. It's based on Kamakura and is when that statue was a baby. I know that Buddha didn't have pointed ears. However it did when it was a baby as that statue got older his pointed ears drooped because of gravity. Anyhow I needed a temple of hope in the Sea Elf creation myth and I hope you like the art work.

Mark Bromley's reply comment about artwork criticism

The plain text of the post.

Mark Bromley
July 6, 2024 1am
Some of my artwork is based on Mad Magazine. A magazine comic that illustrated a parody of politics, society, economics, and entertainment and other concerns of it's time. I have seen there is a website dedicated to our messed up racist mayor and my commentary of the planned parenthood abortion methods was cited on such a website. Now I know you haters don't like political commentary in art form like mad magazine type art. However me and several Northglenn born and raised artists did learn that art style at Huron Junior High here in Northglenn. There is more of where that came from.

Post where someone's reply comments were removed...

The plain text of the messages.

Just to point this out. No group no matter how marginalized they may feel has No right to leave their political messaging in the form of vandalism or graffiti in any city park in the City of Northglenn. Especially when the above message pictured is one of Hate being created by the Democrat ran City Council of Northglenn.

Mark Bromley
Paula Nystrom are you saying you support hate crime messages by city council that is graffiti, vandalism and abuse of a Law enforcement memorials in Northglenn?
The democrat politically messaging graffiti is antifa and blm based partisan messaging activism of a sexual nature and doesn't belong on our city parks public right of way.
My being Christian or White has nothing to do with this and I would like you to refrain form Racist comments in the future Paula.
2y2 years ago

Mark Bromley
Paula Nystrom The Democrat Fascist use Anti to hide and cover up their NAZI party. Don't be so ignorant and realized what PC words are. Those are cover up words used to lie to people like you Paula. I don't know why you hate "rump" or who that is? Paula stop your ignorant hate and stop being a tool. Grow up and learn the truth. I'm trying to help you and educate you. Don't make this more difficult than the lying democrats in Adams county have been making if for you.
2y2 years ago

Mark Bromley
Paula Nystrom Wow Paula you sure know a lot about those funky words of yours. Perhaps you need to wake up. It's Wake up not Woke up. Understand that difference and you could learn something new you never knew. You've been programed by the Democrat hate machine. The world doesn't have to be that way. I traveled the world more extensively than those liar's you call Democrats. I know only the truth and that is all I can offer you.

Michael Alton
Mark Bromley you wouldn't know the truth if it literally stuck its head directly into your poop hole.

The plain text of the messages.

Jun 28, 2024, 1:57 PM
Hello, I'm Mark Bromley trying to reach you. Wanted to know what you needed? You match the description I was given and the DD-214 I seen. The address is outside of Northglenn and House District 34 but let me know why you came by?

Fri 12:28 PM
Hello, I'm Mark Bromley trying to reach you. Wanted to know what you needed? You match the description I was given and the DD-214 I seen. The address is outside of Northglenn and House District 34 but let me know why you came by?

Fri 11:35 PM
I tried to reach out to you and decided to review the website you provided. I'm not sure you should be contacting me as webpages seem very unstable. Please do not stalk or harass my family members in the future. Do not make contact with my mother. You are obviously in the third of the world population that is abusive towards pregnant people and misunderstood my protest picture of planned parenthood in the website I visited. My art work at times can seem like a mad magazine commentary on modern politics. I learned that art form at Huron Jr. High. It's a valid commentary on messed up democrat nazi politics in Northglenn.

My side of the story...

To clarify here, the contact that I made with his mother was that I went to his house, knocked on the door and asked if Mark was there. He lives there. It is the same address that he uses so he lives with his mother. It's a big house, so whatever, he isn't the first single, middle-aged man to share a house with his mother. I was carrying two pieces of paper in my hand, computer print-outs, and I made that obvious. One was a copy of my DD-214 and I didn't even conceal my social security number on the (copy) of the document. I originally hoped to just be able to show him it, and then I was planning to request that he produce his for my inspection. (I was going to use that kind of wording, so as to make it a dignified, respectful request that could be considered a traditional greeting between two military veterans & my idea was that once he showed me his DD-214 then at any time in the future that I might see somebody write of him that he "claims to be a veteran" I would be prepared to personally confirm that he is a veteran. Of course he would figure that it really doesn't matter what I have to say since I'm not anyone of any importance or influence, etc. Many people jump to that conclusion. I'm actually known by some local One-percenters (no, not ultra wealthy people like the term is used in social media and the like), but I grew up in Thornton which borders the city and I live in this city now. (Why would it matter what exact local address is on a document that's thirty-five years old? I can understand Denver people being all anal & purists & territorial, but seriously!)

I want to also explain that I did not look very closely at his Facebook content before visiting his house. I wanted to first give him the opportunity to meet me and provide evidence of his (honorable) service before I would be critical of anything he posted or said. I was giving him some latitude on referring to George Floyd since the majority of white veterans are not racist or prejudiced, but can be stigmatized as such quite easily. It is because of the stereotype of white man is a bigot but too ignorant to understand that. Mark referred to George as a kindred spirit which told me that Mark understood the details of the event (although it was insisted that George didn't know the twenty dollar bill was a counterfeit, from what I recall, but the police response was too extreme for the circumstances). I personally stayed away from the controversy. I've been brutalized by police too and my counselors explained to me that I did nothing to deserve such treatment, but if I would attempt to relay the story to an average person they'd probably insist that I did since I yelled at an officer "F* you" after he told me that he was going to kill my friend (and shipmate) because my friend had crashed his car into the officer's personal parked vehicle. My friend was attempting to make a U-turn in what turned out to be the City of Long Beach, CA police department's employee parking lot, of all places. My friend was drunk and crashed his car into a vehicle in the lot. I wasn't in the car because I had jumped out a few minutes prior when we were stopped at a light since my friend was driving a bit aggressively. Both my friend and I were severely beaten and I took a plea deal of "obstructing police" in order to get out of the jail and return to my ship. I had no way of posting the bail they were requesting for my release. It is because of all of that is why I have such difficulty discussing police brutality or related racism, etc. since I've experienced the same but I'd be blamed if I talked about it since I'm Caucasion. (See: Kafkatrapping.)

Oh, I know I can be verbose! Anyway, I was giving Mark the benefit of the doubt. The other piece of paper I had given his mother had a QR code and an URL to one of my websites so he could contact me. (Someone else who is actually famous contacted me through the link I provide on my websites, and it worked fine for her!) He said my website is "unstable" and I have no idea what he means by that. It's just a deogratory way of saying that my websites are not absolutely flawless (ad hominem). I have no ads or other irritations and the webpage template that I use is compliant to mobile devices. I intend for most of my websites that they only be temporary and I host them as "static" (meaning that there is no "backend" software running to enable features like "push notifications" or set cookies or whatever). I try as much as I possibly can to explain that. I try to do what I do on the cheap since I receive fixed-income disability. My feelings are incredibly hurt since I put so much into my sites and include educational (social science) referrences so people can catch up with what is going on internationally. Mark's obvious implication is that I would need to have all my websites published online in such a way to where there could be absolutely no reason at all that anyone would ever question the legitimacy or suspect that the sites are not safe to visit using their devices, even if they were biased and already had in their mind that I was to be merely dismissed as an imbecile. In other words, Mark is saying that since I'm poor and disabled I shouldn't be allowed my free speech unless my medium to express it is agreeable to everyone, even hypocrites.

So my assessment is that Mark P. Bromley is a fraud. There are plenty of examples of honorably discharged veterans that people would be hard-pressed to respect. Mark just resorted to stigmatizing me as a deranged stalker ... oh ... I just remembered that I was going to point out a post he made where he had deleted (or hid) comments made by a critic. In the text of the comments that were his there is a name given that he was replying to. Unless those comments contained (excessive) foul language or threats or whatever there is no reason why he should remove them since his Facebook is obviously intended to be a political platform presentation. Removing the critics comments without just removing the entire post (which would have been more reasonable, but still questionable as to his overall integrity) was suppressing another citizen's free speech. It is possible that the person replying removed her comments. I admit that. That wouldn't be a reasonable assumption given the context, however. Internet trolls suppress people's free speech too. Mark P. Bromley is a troll.

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Common Core Controversy

I usually have an introduction on my pages giving basic outline of sociology which is similar to Power Threat Meaning Framework (hopefully at least, since that's what I was going for and PTMF was put together by psychologists) and that might cause somebody to want to ask me "well, what's the point of yours then?". To that I'd have to reply that mine originated from the starting point of the concept of "break down & build up" idea that's congruent to military training, which shouldn't be startling in itself since there have been (maybe still are) other programs modeled from the system, i.e., civilian correctional diversion rehabilitation programs. The point being to the way I express the concept is to show that the same type of system is inherently part of human nature, but misused as a means to control or debase someone, and it's not always a conscious act.

I mention in my standard introduction that my perspective can be tested against what the reader considers reasonable. I mainly try to clarify some misconceptions. Often people will argue over some topic when there is something that they're not taking into consideration. Many people had a problem with the student loan forgiveness programs but were not taking into account that there was a predatory practice used by the corporations involved with higher education courses that were focused on specific careers, i.e., technical, medical, etc. The businesses were engaging in deceptive business practices and taking advantage of minorities. One corporation, CollegeAmerica, was sued by both U.S. and state gov't. My point is that an educational business that implies that everyone completing their course will have equal opportunity in the field is being deceptive. If the majority of opponents to the forgiveness programs are white, middle class people then that is actually part of the problem since they're merely defending wealthy shareholders that invest in the corporations.

One of the issues that I had immense difficulty with in social media debates is the controversy over the Common Core education program. I knew that there was a lot of time and effort put into developing the updated program and one of the main concerns that it meant to address was the fact that lower income students will transfer schools more often on average than more affluent students, so the program was intended to provide familar consistancy. There was also controversy about the amount of testing but overall it seemed that there could be changes made to the program without it being attacked and villified. The attitude exhibited by white middle class parents (including one in my own family) was undignified and demoralizing since the students pick up on the expressed attitude and that is the education that the parents want their children to have. Intellectual, conscientious people (educators) are silly, stupid, and all the work they do can be easily deconstructed & dismissed.

There were a few particular instances of examples of Common Core content that were popular social media discussion topics. One was a critical thinking exercise having to do with Holocaust denial, which exists, and the teachers' intention was to introduce the students to the possibilty of internet users who misrepresent established, verifiable historical facts in order to acquire reinforcement for bigotry, etc. It is an important possibility that should be presented to students that are expected to use the internet for research, but a very sensitive subject. It was that fact that it was a sensitive subject is what provided the fodder for the "critics". It was obvious in the lesson plan that the teachers made every attempt to make it very clear that the denial was the focus of the critical thinking exercise and that was evident with the resources that were provided to confirm the event's historical reality since they were all legitimate, substantiated websites. One was the relevant section of "" and the other was hosted by the British government. ("Conservatives" in the U.S. are notoriously xenophobic!) The teachers eventually retracted the entire exercise.

The other examples that were popular to create controversy over were mathematics exercises. Common ones were examples of various ways substraction of relatively large numbers (for example) could be accomplished that are not used in everyday life, but intend to reveal the consistant logic ("you can check your work", is the way my father puts it & he taught math for awhile in the USAF). I created an example which is included below this paragraph. The point (obviously) is to present the subject to students has fun and interesting. The (middle-class white) parents hate the idea that education can be fun and interesting since education is only necessary to make lots of money and that is the example that they want to set & want their children to enjoy their inherited white privilege. The other popular controversy was about Spatial reasoning because the exercises in the workbooks didn't appear to be perfect. Parents with no college degree in education insisted that the exercise was pointless. It occurred to me that the type of instruction was probably included in the older generations' education curriculum but none of us recall it. In any event, I cannot have any interaction with the young family member of mine that was so vehemently crtical of the exercises since the person never would acknowledge my explanation and adequate defense of the educators' work.

I think the controversy and details surrounding the Common Core education program would be great content for a contemporary social science lesson since it exemplifies "cancel culture" attitudes. I truly understand however that the local politcal clique will stay true to form & I get ignored. Elsewhere I've pointed out that along with my military service (I received medical discharge, Honorable, because of my ankle reconstruction surgery), but I also worked in construction plumbing and the work was strenuous & sometimes dangerous. Most of my oldest friends are already dead. My parents' first son died a month after he was born due to medical mistake. I'm the last man of my family's branch of lineage. I'm a good person, and compassionate so it does take me a bit of time to quantify the idea of white people wanting to make money in the political realm and so thereby avoid doing any actual work. I catch on to that which is why they have no problem with me being physically tormented (by a firefighter's or paramedic's off-leash dog that he threw a ball towards and near me for it to fetch ... a few times while I was walking on a trail in the park. He wanted to teach me that this is a dangerous world. I have had a few off-leash dogs charge at me and was bitten by a couple that were able to reach over a four foot fence that I happened to be near when I was young ... one of the times I was mowing a lawn to earn money. (I know, how stupid of me, huh?) When I was young man I had violent crimes committed against me and that is not my only personal assessment but people with masters degrees and decades of experience in the human/social services field. They also pointed out to me that considering my history, I have not have the same opportunities that most other people had in my demographic. These educated people explained to me that I was disadvantaged. I've still helped some people out though, and yet I still have people that would never do the same judging me as deserving violent attacks. Evil is as evil does.

One other point that I may have mentioned elsewhere, but probably not expressed this concisely. One of my old counselors, a five & half foot Black man with a MSW from Regis College, came straight out and told me that he knew that white people can be abusive to other white people, intentionally so because it's a way to feel superior to other people without appearing racist. Oftentimes they will target those white people who are not racist ... can't beat them then join them, ideology. The firefighter or paramedic with the off-leash dog that he used to torment me certainly fell into that category and of course when I saw him again and told him to keep the dog away from me there were a couple adolescent boys in the proximity that quickly understood that I was to be the one outcasted since I wouldn't befriend a dog like I was supposed to, given my status in life from what they could see. One of the boys kept calling me the N*word & the other started chasing me home wielding a skateboard and was prepared to start beating a disabled vet with the blunt object unless I started running (and I have a reconstructed ankle). The whole Station 62 crew was outside in front of their building to watch that transpire. I figured that they were going to wait and see if they could make some money off of the incident. I grew up in a neighboring city, my father worked in this city for years, and we all frequented retail stores within the city. I really don't understand why y'all be so hypocritical. The other thing that was pointed out to me by my counslors was that since physically abusing somebody isn't easy to get away with if the people know each other there's the alternative way is to cause the tormented person to defend themselves and that action can be misinterpreted as aggressive, and stigmatized as a violent criminal, doesn't matter to them who started it, there's more of them then there is of me.

So that leads me to another proposal for a social science (or sociology, but my father says that I'm not allowed to use that word since it sounds a lot like "socialism") ... but my idea is to include the incident that I described with the gov't employee man & his off-leash dog as a lesson in vigilantism and how people can unwittingly conspire to commit violent crimes against vulnerable, disadvantaged people. Since the charge is so egregious it is only logical for the perpetrators involved in the collaberation to carry their posit through until it is no longer an issue for them. People always like reinforcement of negative attitude and by twisting it around as something positive then they can merely use their obstinant smugness and get others to sympathize. Anyone alone and angry is a villian as per every Disney movie!

Note: This lady, Dr Paula J. Caplan, has passed away but she was highly respected in the international "trauma-informed" community. She knew who I am though, and we had a message exchange. I told her that the idea of "restorative justice" (practices that emphasize repairing the harm caused to victims and the community by offenses) sounds great in theory but people will want to get creative and one example is "public humiliation" (like forcing a person to hold a sign up in public stating they did wrong and are being punished- "scarlet letter" type thing) ... Paula replied to me saying that she understood my point.

My recommended reading ...

Here's 20 Books That Inspired Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and I've read some of them including Aristotle "Politics", & "Ethics", but also Plato "The Republic" (which I include an excerpt from on other sites of mine), "A Treatise of Human Nature" David Hume, "A System of Logic" John Stuart Mill, "From Socrates to Sartre: The Philosophic Quest" T.Z. Lavine, Plutarch "Fall of the Roman Republic", and Paulo Freire's main one. There's a book on the French Revolution mentioned, but I've read ""Tale of Two Cities"" which is popular historical fiction novel set in the era that gives fairly accurate depiction of the event. Also "Heart of Darkness" Joseph Conrad, but I've seen a documentary since then that gave an accurate description of the era in the Congo and the rubber harvesting brutality.

I've also read some by my favorite author, Fyodor Dostoevsky ("The House of the Dead", "Crime and Punishment", & "The Brothers Karamazov") which is an author from the same era & region as Leo Tolstoy, and I've read his "War & Peace". Also "The agony and the ecstasy : a biographical novel of Michelangelo" Bill Peters, "Before the Pharaohs: Egypt's Mysterious Prehistory" Edward F. Malkowski, "All about Jesus" Roger Quy, "Who Wrote the Bible?" Richard Elliott Friedman. "A Degree in a Book: Philosophy: Everything You Need to Know to Master the Subject - in One Book!" Peter Gibson. Those are some relevant historical & philisophical works, anyway. Oh! "Dianetics" L. Ron Hubbard, too.

Ok fine... Also: "The Onion Field" Joseph Wambaugh, "The Dogs of War" Frederick Forsyth, "Alive" Piers Paul Read, "Learning Empathy: The Memoirs of An Autistic Savant" Matthew Weatherford, "The Myth of Mental Illness" Thomas Szasz, "A Sociology of Mental Health and Illness" Anne Rogers & David Pilgrim, "The Wrong Way Home: Uncovering the patterns of cult behavior in American society" Arthur J. Deikman M.D (which I quote below), "Mr. T: The Man with the Gold: An Autobiography" Mr. T, "Isaac's Storm: A Man, a Time, and the Deadliest Hurricane in History" Erik Larson, "Transform Now Plowshares" Megan Rice, Gregory Boertje-Obed, and Michael Walli, "The Stand", "Skeleton Crew", "The Dark Tower Series", "Different Seasons", "Gerald's Game", "Needful Things", "The Dead Zone", "The Talisman", "The Tommyknockers", "'Salem's Lot" (and others) Stephen King. "Swan Song" Robert R. McCammon, "The Dream Master" Roger Zelazny, "Nineteen Eighty-Four" & "Animal Farm" George Orwell. "The Third Policeman" Brian O'Nolan, a few John Grisham, Patricia Cornwell, Dean Koontz, Clive Barker, "The Hobit" J. R. R. Tolkien, J. K. Rowling's first book, "Pride and Prejudice" Jane Austen, "The Piano Tuner: A Novel" Daniel Mason, "Murder on the Rails: Boxcar Serial Killer" William Palmini. I've read other various classics too, i.e., "Tom Sawyer" & "Huck Finn" Mark Twain, and my grandma gave me subscription to "Hardy Boys" series. I also read "Stuart Little" & "Charlotte's Web" E. B. White, and "Little Women" Louisa May Alcott.

I've also read more "speculative fiction" too..., "Incarnations of Immortality" (series) Piers Anthony, "The Chronicles of Narnia" (series) C. S. Lewis, "The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant" Stephen R. Donaldson, and "Dune" Frank Herbert, & also some Isaac Asimov, but long ago.

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Incidently, the author of this page was once instructed to not return to a Bible study group held by members of a local North metro area, working class populated church (in Northglenn, no less), for not agreeing with them that the Westboro Baptist Church was doing a good thing when they protested Matthew Shepard's funeral. (I told them that rest assured, the church would reveal their true colors in the future and they're now known to be a right-wing fringe organization.)

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Photograph of my old department crewmembers & I displaying our
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If men were angels, no government would be necessary.
~ James Madison

The biggest danger to our rights today is not from government acting against the will of the majority
but from government which has become the mere instrument of this majority...
Wrong will be done as much by an all-powerful people as by an all-powerful prince.
~ James Madison

Class conflict is another concept which upsets the oppressors, since they do not wish to consider themselves an oppressive class. Unable to deny, try as they may, the existence of social classes, they preach the need for understanding and harmony between those who buy and those who are obliged to sell their labor. However, the unconcealable antagonism which exists between the two classes makes this "harmony" impossible. ~ Paulo Freire

Because it is a distortion of being more fully human, sooner or later being less human leads the oppressed to struggle against those who made them so. In order for this struggle to have meaning, the oppressed must not, in seeking to regain their humanity (which is a way to create it), become in turn oppressors of the oppressors, but rather restorers of the humanity of both. ~ Paulo Freire

To impede communication is to reduce men to the status of "things"—and this is a job for oppressors, not for revolutionaries. ~ Paulo Freire

"Only a lively appreciation of dissent's vital function at all levels of society can preserve it as a corrective to wishful thinking, self-inflation, and unperceived rigidity"  The Wrong Way Home : Uncovering the patterns of cult behavior in American society | by Arthur J. Deikman, M.D
ISBN 10: 0807029157 ISBN 13: 9780807029152

Force has no place where there is need of skill.
~ Herodotus

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